The Dangers of Old Garage Doors

The garage is an important part of daily life and its door needs regular maintenance to function properly. We usually overlook the danger of a creaky door, and consider repair or replacement only when it stops functioning altogether.

There are tremendous dangers associated with old garage doors that can cause serious risks and grave injuries if they are not repaired. Imagine the situation you would be in if the springs of your garage door break, leaving your car inside there.

It will also leave your stuff inside vulnerable when you are away from home. Look for modern safety upgrades to eliminate risks and minimize danger. Keeping track of wear and tear will also help you avoid spending more on repairs and avert severe damages.

The dangers of old garage doors list

● Old garage doors are usually quite heavy and face the risk of collapse. They can weigh anything above a100 kilos. The door includes more parts like springs, tracks, and cables. If a part of the equipment fails to perform properly, it may come down with force and slamming into whatever may be under the door. This is quite risky for your car as well as human life.

● If you think that you’re saving money on your old garage door, think again. You may be losing energy and paying extra when you think you’re saving on energy bills. Old garage doors have loose sealing with leaky insulation that causes warm air to go out during winters and leads the cool air out during summers. This condition may get worse as the door becomes looser. It is more economical to replace your door than to waste your money on excessive energy bills.

Professional Inspection

● Old garage doors can be quite dangerous and cause grave injuries in certain cases. The most common accidents that occur due to faulty garage doors are cuts. However, there may be fractures, concussions, or even internal damages caused to the body in more serious cases. According to statistics, children and the elderly are more prone to injuries caused by garage doors. If you have kids and elderly people around, having your garage door inspected by a professional is certainly worth the trouble.

● Sometimes the damage caused by your garage door may cause more serious damages to anything that stands in the way. It may also get stuck in an awkward position, leaving your belongings vulnerable, without security. A well-maintained garage door keeps your loved ones and stuff safe and protected at all times.

What are the causes of danger?

● Very old spring systems: The springs in your garage doors take a lot of weight and are always stretched to the maximum. They face a lot of regular wear and tear. If the springs loosen and snap, they can cause the other internal system equipment to collapse. It may damage the door and any nearby items. These broken springs may even injure people at home. Keep track of the spring cycles so that you can replace them at regular intervals. The torsion springs can ideally clock anything around 10,000 cycles. If you use your garage door more often than usual, take care to replace the springs accordingly.

Damaged hardware: Like all other hardware, garage door parts can age, wear, and loosen with time. The formation of rust can cause significant damage to the doors, causing them to corrode. Corroded doors are weakened and make it easier for burglars to force a break-in. To avoid this, the springs and other hardware must be lubricated to avoid rust and keep your door working in top condition for a longer time.

Old and outdated technology: If your garage has been manufactured a decade earlier, you might want to consider going for an upgrade. New technology has brought in innovations such as photo-eye sensors built into the base of your garage door. These sensors prevent the garage door from coming down with force in case any object lies under it. Old garage doors were built on simple lines and are not equipped with modern sensor features. However, these upgrades and features are quite necessary in our fast lives. They can play a major role in preventing severe damage to life and property.

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